Friday, February 11, 2011

Vaipa Mix

Vaipa Mix

Back in those days when we joyfully ran down Tlangnuam road after school got over we used to invariably pass by this old Bihari (?) guy who  sold an assortment of "chanas" and "muris" by the roadside.  He would mix them all together with some ingredients we never knew the names of and we called  this concoction "Vaipa Mix". It was quite spicy and also quite delicious and often led to upset stomachs but we were kids and  at that age what did one care about upset tummies! Some naughtier guys used to grab stuff from his cart and not pay him but he never dared utter a single word in fear of harsher treatment. Wonder what became of him..

The Facebook 

The other day I did a quick mental survey and found out that 90% of the people I know who are roughly in their 30s and below have a Facebook account. Facebook is everywhere and I'm pretty sure that the word 'facebook' pops up almost invariably in any sort of casual conversation. Even my cousin who as far as I know doesn't even know how to open internet explorer asked me the other day if "facebook was a good thing". Well even my dad once asked me which one I thought was better - "Google or Bookface?". Did Mark Zuckerburg ever envisage that FB (as it is now referred to by my friends) would grow into the behemoth that it now has become? Let me add him and find out! He originally called it "The Facebook". People who've watched that movie about FB will know.


Music is awesome. Especially sad songs. I find myself listening to sad songs a lot even though I'm not necessarily sad. Maybe it's because they seem to come straight from the heart of the songwriter. It's also sometimes easier to identify with sad songs. I mean if Thom Yorke wrote  a song about how exciting it is to be in a band we wouldn't really identify with it but he wrote about heartache and loss we are right there with him on the same page.  It also slightly saddens me or maybe I should be glad that there are so many awesome songs and bands out there waiting to be discovered by me but even if I live my life thrice over I'll never get to listen to them all. Musicatto was one of the first reasonably well stocked music stores in Aizawl. It was in that building near Canteen Kual. I used to go there after school with Osbourne and Albert to just look at what they were selling. I bought my first Faith No More cassette from here. I still have the cassette.. the store however is long gone.Osbourne too has now left us to play that great gig in the sky. No idea what Albert's upto nowadays.

Never judge a book by its movie

The other day I was telling a friend how much I missed curling up at night with an exciting book and reading it from the beginning to end at one go. While the internet has been mostly useful I also blame the internet for taking away my "bookworm time". Yea pathetic excuse I know. I have three books lying unfinished. One of them is Gabriel García Márquez's Love in the time of Cholera. This guy doesn't do 'easy reading'. I think I'll have to make do with watching the movie based on the novel. Reminds me of a joke - Guy takes his dog watch a movie. Friend was surprised and asked him if the dog liked going to the movies. Guy says.."Well he thought it was okay but he liked the book better". I still love the look and feel of an old dog-eared musty smelling book. I bought an old second hand edition of Great Expectations just because I liked the way it was bound and the way it smelt. Book lovers of the world unite!


VaiVa said...

Vaipa mix hi ka duh tawp. High field (McDonald's Hill) a kan ei nasat thin zia kha...

Jerusha said...

hahah Bookface. Reminds me of this time I went shopping with a friend's dad, he kept telling me that he wanted to buy 3MPs. And he was an educated Australian man. And there was also this time I took my mom to see a 3D movie, and she later told her friends about the exciting '3CD' movie she saw :-) I guess it's a parent thing.

Vaipa mix hi Sikulpuikawn ah khan regu deuh a zuar thin a awm a, khapa siam kha tui ber. Thak over!

illusionaire said...

I dunno why or how, but the best vaipa mix are in Mizoram. I don't like any of the other "mix" you get outside mizoram as much as the ones we used to have at home.

Other than Godfather, no movie has been made that was as good as the book, IMHO. Haven't read a book (paper) in a long time now. I download lots of free e-books on my Galaxy S (free) and once you get used to it, its really enjoyable reading from it. It took me around 2-3 days to get used to it though.

Anonymous said...

Personally, Vaipa mix was exceptionally delicious at the time, because frankly, there was nothing else nice to eat at that price, and wai-wai was a luxury item.
I don't remember Musicatto, but I know Ultrafast at Bazar Bungkawn who used to have the best collection of lesser known rock artists. You could even get a mix-tape made, but then I never had anyone to gift it to anyways.
I'm just waiting for a cheap tablet to enter Indian Market to read all the Pirated PDF books I have collected. Reading on the Desktop blows. :(

Mos-a said...

@ Vaipa ah.. sorry Vaiva : Vaiva mix pawh hi a tui an ti. Keichu sarang a vur an zawrh pawh kha tui ka tia mahse nidangah ka la ziak ang :D

@Jerusha: That's my dad for you. 3CD i sawi takah chuan movie VCD velah kan en lai kha min ti hrechhuak!

@ illu's son : I refuse to read novels on digital pads! I refuse.. noo doooon't make me read a novel on an e-reader.. noo... i'd rather work at a construction site breaking stones..noooo . tiang khawp chuan ka duh lo ania auh!

@RadishBlack: I remember the 25 paisa biskit packets. Dunno if you kids got to see those :D . Mix-tape eh.. ah nowadays no one needs to make mix-tapes. Its no longer fun making a mix tape. No better way to show someone how much you love(d) them.

As for reading books on digital devices.. please see above reply to Kima

Anonymous said...

nice post, as usual. nostalgic.
as i once wrote in one of my posts ( ), i still use good ole audio cassettes in my car and as well as at home :) so there are still old-fashioned people like me who still need to make mixed tapes. what i do is, i record all my favourite tracks from my cd collection to tape so that all my favorites are together and i don't need to keep on changing tapes or cds.
i also refuse to read novels on digital devices. and no audio-books for me either. i love the feel and smell of 'real' books too much. i read Gabriel García Márquez's 100 years of solitude a few months back and you are right - he doesn't do 'easy reading'. but it was very satisfying. i recently bought his 'autumn of the patriarch'. its thinner but still haven't gotten around to reading it.

aduhi said...

Bookface hahaha the other day my father asked me if Internet and Facebook were the same.
Unread books - don't even start... if not finishing a book was a crime I would have hanged from the gallows ages ago. Love in the time of cholera... super boring, I think I have reached the third chapter, but it was so long ago I don't remember anything much.
Sad songs - what can I say? The sweetest songs, saddest thoughts etc etc

diary said...

I think I bought vaipa mix from the guy you're writing about once. But I did see boys grabbing stuff from his basket many times. Poor vaipa. And dad called me once to ask what twitter is. I didn't know either :P

mimi said...

moste help me I am so addicted to bookface :)

DayDreamBeliever said...

-There used to be a Vaipa-mixer at dawrpui too; yummy!

- "The sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest woe" em ni kha?

- Movies based on books are ALWAYS so unsatifying :(

- I think bookface is nice, but a bit claustrophobic at times.

- I love books too. And yes, I do not plan on becoming an ebook reader anytime soon!

Kendra Bing said...

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