Wednesday, August 11, 2010

1-0 to the Arsenal (aka the laziest blogpost ever)

  • Wash my 2008 Official Arsenal Home Jersey ✔
  • Download English Premier League Fixtures File ✔
  • Put up English Premier League Fixtures (EPL) Poster ✔
  • Pay Cable Fee ✔
  • Purchase sports mags with stories about previous EPL seasons ✔
  • Inform manager that I might suddenly fall sick during the weekends all throughout the year ✔
  • Update Facebook/Orkut profile pictures and profile names to reflect the fact I'm a hardcore Arsenal fan ✔

Yep my English Premier League checklist is complete. Now all I have to do is wait for the annual football extravaganza to begin. It kicks off next week on 21st Aug but Arsenal will start their campaign the next day with a tough trip to Anfield to play Liverpool. At one point I was half heartedly thinking if it would've been possible to fly to England but I looked up the prices of tickets and found out that unless I rob an ATM I wouldn't have enough money to make the trip. The other options were either swimming all the way or via ship both of which I don't have time for.

Anyway unless if you ain't been paying attention I have made it quite clear that I'm a huge Arsenal fan. Yes it was all because of Dennis Bergkamp and his exploits in the1998 World Cup. I was too young to remember the '89 English Premier League (or the English First Division as it was called then) but I like to pretend that I watched on tv Michael Thomas' last minute goal in the last game of the season against Liverpool which won the league for Arsenal (but I didn't).

Fast forward to the 2003/2004 EPL season and this time I was able to watch Arsenal's famous undefeated season when they didn't lose a single game and went on to clinch the EPL title for a third time under Arsene Wenger .

After those three wins the closest we have come to winning the league title again was missing out by 4 points in 2007/08. This season Arsene Wenger has continued as our Manager and with Fabregas ,Robin van Persie, Vermaelen, Nasri et al in the team we could very well get our hands on that EPL trophy again. Yes I'm aware that I've started using the word "we" because except for during the World Cup I support only Arsenal!

As talented as we are we don't have too many good looking chaps in our team so I don't think too many of the female sex will be supporting us. (Actually there might be one that I know of) . That honour always has belonged to the oh so handsome I'd turn gay for them at the drop of a hat Manchester United team . The most good looking chap in our team is Bacary Sagna and he looks like this -

Anyway enough about Cristiano Ronaldo who doesn't even play in the EPL anymore.. uh wait.. ok never mind. Enjoy your EPL Season and if you ain't a Gunner (aka Arsenal fan) then I hope your EPL season sucks!

You are my Arsenal
You are my Arsenal,
My only Arsenal,
You make me happy,
When skies are grey,
You'll never know just,
How much I love you,
So please don't take,
My Arsenal...Away

(Note: Regular readers of my blog (if there are any) will have noticed how much time and effort I put into my posts (very modest there, Amos) but this time around there is a possibility that my latest effort is a copy pasta! Sorry I don't have a lot of free time on my hands nowadays! The only free time I have, I spend on the internet looking at funny pictures of cats )


yamuna said...

not a bad one...tough for a football fan like you to choose this as the subject....

OpaHmar said...

"Pay Cable Fee ✔" LOL