Friday, August 24, 2012

The Great NE-Indian Migration of 2012AD

This narrative is to inform the current generation of events that happened some time in the past , however I am writing this also for the benefit of people in the distant future so that the information is passed on over hundreds of generations. Planet Earth continues to merrily spin along, apparently oblivious of the changes that man and nature have wrought upon it over thousands and thousands of years. 

We have been able to decipher some of our ancient history and it appears that Earth used to be divided into "countries" where millions of people lived and worked.  Data retrieved by technicians from computer hard drives excavated from underneath the remains of ancient cities tells us that Earth was devastated by a global epidemic known as AIDS in the year 2512AD and almost all of human life on this planet was wiped out. Of course this is now all part of common knowledge and is taught in history classes and we also know that about 2 million human beings survived the epidemic as well as the ensuing wars that were fought to gain control of the Earth. Cities were wiped out and about 90% of information prior to the year 2600AD was destroyed. The ensuing ice ages ensured that most of the cities were buried underneath ice and were lost for thousands and thousands of years while mankind tried to regroup and build a new civilization. We now occasionally are able to retrieve information from excavations being carried out at the locations of cities that were discovered 200 metres below the earth's surface.

50,000 years after that cataclysmic event the human population on earth has now risen to approximately 30 million people and we now live on a planet which is no longer divided into countries and all the people  live in 14 gigantic dome covered cities connected by tubes. The land outside is inhospitable and the dome covered cities also guard against future epidemics. 

However this account is not about that event and I shall write about that in a later post. The reason why I was compelled to write this post was because of an intriguing piece of information that emerged from one of the excavations that happened a couple of months ago. An ancient city was uncovered in a country which many thousands of years ago   was called India . From computer records that were retrieved by technicians it appears that this city used to be known as Bangalore where people from all over the country of India lived together at one point.

Now this is all rather boring for the non history buffs but one piece of information extracted from the data tells us that in the year 2012  a tribe of people known as Neindians were driven out from this city of Bangalore and fled to a land farther north of the country. Apparently it was one of the biggest migrations recorded for that period and caused a lot of of upheaval among this tribe of Neindians. The reasons for this mass migration was due to persecution from people belonging to the ancient religion of Islam. Not much is known about Islam and it is one of the ancient religions that died out along with the rest of the Earth religions of that time. It appears that this tribe of Neindian people came back to the city of Bangalore a few months later but not much is known as to what happened them after they came back.

 Anyway even at this point this might not be of much interest to the general reader but I shall get to the good part very soon. As we all know human DNA from that period was preserved digitally and was part of the data that was recovered from computers and due to recent DNA mapping programmes  we have had to attend DNA comparison sessions to see if DNA from us matches up with people from our ancient past. I had my  DNA mapping session two weeks ago with DNA found from the people who used to live in Bangalore and to my surprise my DNA matches with a person who was given the name of Amos Lalremtluanga who belonged to this Neindian tribe. Interesting to know that they were given names in that time , now we are just given alpha numeric characters to identity ourselves. Amos was one of the people who didn't migrate to the North but no data can be found as to why he chose to stay in Bangalore. The data found is not clear as to whether he died in the epidemic or was one of the lucky ones to escape.

Amos was online a lot and he managed to store a lot of his internet and digital activity on the internet and computers and he used to maintain an online journal from which I was able to learn a few things about my ancient ancestor. One of these online journals is this very internet journal I am posting this from which is quite exciting and thrilling because I am using the exact same medium which my ancient ancestor used to convey his feelings to his fellow humans.

The funniest thing that could happen now is if I posted this using the TimeSpace computer to post it on his blog from 50,000 years into the future. What a nice (or shocking) surprise Amos is going to get!!



Calliopia said...

Gigantic Dome 11XB, ML9Z9518 reporting. Took time to decode this ancient and obsolete language. We have evidence in digital time capsule #X7IV that like much of his brethren, this Amos did eventually escape to the North where he attained notoriety as a TV evangelist and was chased further away into the mountains with his dissident sect.

DayDreamBeliever said...

-same as above-

Lalnunsanga Ralte said...

This is Hari Seldon from further ahead in time. I stumbled across this while collecting past data for use on my psychohistory. I wonder if the human predisposition towards its own downfall is caused by its own inability to escape the traits of its past. Is it inherent in the DNA or a social impasse that we cannot go beyond?

ku2 said...

ALPHADOG ID234799 reporting. Information found in Cryonia #289J confirms that this Amos person set up a commune in what is now the desolate ridges outside Dome X89.This information is in our archives because it was from this commune that the mutant form of the AIDS virus that wiped out most of the population, namely the air-borne Syphilitic strain, broke out; hence its significance.

mangbuhril said...

wow, this is interesting read

funny™ said...

It's guid it's guid. :D

benjamin rualthanzauva said...

It was also found Amos was unable to reproduce.

Peer Gynt said...

Another interesting fact surr. Amos' life was the gigantic collection of low grade erotic 'art', in the form of what were then called 'magazines' 'movies' or collectively, 'porn'. A habit enjoyed by many males of his time, this discovery would have otherwise passed notice had it not also been found that Amos' collection was deemed unsurpassed among his peers, and also in his laying claim to coining the word 'FAP', which our scientists are currently attempting to decipher through breakthrough data research. Though still nascent, there is considerable evidence to support a strong correlation of the birth of FAP to the vast collection of 'porn' that was Amos' pride and joy up until his 'mysterious' death, of course.

*A fitting tribute to the only neindian we've come across in recent times, the scientific community plans to erect a small tower dedicated to Amos 'fap' Lalremtluanga as we've just got word that that was in all probability a form of endearment or 'nickname' he went by.