Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A poorly written diary chronicling the events of my visit home to Aizawl

July 1:- "Meru City Taxi" arrives at 4 am to pick me up. Try to make eye contact with some pretty airhostesses at airport . Fail terribly. Tried same thing inside aeroplane - same results.

Make it in time for my Calcutta-Aizawl flight. Heavy cloud cover over Lengpui Airport . After about 40 minutes of trying to land and avoiding hills our pilot decides that he isn't highly paid enough to risk landing in this miserable weather and we fly back to Calcutta. When we land in Calcutta the fat Marwadi looking guy in front of me asks the air hostess if we've landed in Aizawl. Giggles all around. First time I've had a Cal-Azl flight cancelled. To top it all off I fall sick. Fever.

July 2 :- We try again. Great Success. I send a text message to a friend "The Eagle Has Landed". Friend don't care too much for Eagles I guess. No acknowledgment. Shop at the veg/fruit market on the Lengpui-Azl road. It looks like this - (pic credit: Xaia @ misual.com)
Reach home. Happy reunion with mom/niece/sis-in-law/pet cat,dog etc. Dad had actually left for Cal the same day in the same plane I'd landed in.

July 3: I visit friends; Fever worsens. Great way to start a holiday.(It wasn't actually great. It was terrible. This statement is an example of "sarcasm")

July 4: It being a Saturday I lie in bed all day and half of the night when I decide that enough is enough and the whole family drives to Durtlang Hospital. My doctor friend Chhana sticks some needles into me and decides that it isn't malaria. Whew. Instructs me to pop some funny looking pills.

July 5: Have completely recovered now. Attend church. Fell asleep. Must've been the pills I was prescribed. At night I attend the college chapel service. Notice a misprint in the hymn book "Take my hands and let them sing" . I giggle alone.

July 6: Did absolutely nothing.

July 7: I visit the Mizoram Public Service Commission Office. A friend's mother is the Chair(wo)man of the MPSC. Didn't see her. Sucks.Pic below of the office. MPSC Office.

July 8: I visit the SBI branch at Bawngkawn. Bank teller actually complies with my request without any hassles. Surprise Surprise.

July 9: Due to restrictions placed on me by the Presbyterian Church of Mizoram I cannot reveal what I did on 9th July.

July 10: A friend's daughter thinks I look like a "white foreigner". Guess she hasn't seen too many white foreigners and is also colour blind. I also re-pot* some plants. Fascinating.(Yes correct, this too is an example of Sarcasm. You guys are paying attention. I'm pleased).*(How to re-pot a plant)

July 11: I attend birthday of Family friend. Am asked 387 times "When did you arrive/When are you going back?"; I smile politely and poke them in the eye.

July 12: Church. Didn't fall asleep. Preacher makes some good jokes. I like him. Pic Below of Preacher cracking jokes. You can't see him . But he was cracking. Jokes.

July 13: I take my dog to the vet. Dogs are unbelievably obedient at the vet. Little did I know it would turn out to be the "Take your dog to the vet week".

July 14: I take my dog to the vet. Someone actually apparently brought a pet tiger cub to the vet. I see its face and I think it looks more like a wildcat with its face painted to look like a tiger cub.

July 15: I take my dog to the vet. Someone has brought a cat that weighed 7 kgs. Poor cat sits in the corner all the while looking absolutely pissed with itself. A guy suggests that his dog fight with my dog. His dog has a patch over its eye and a tattoo on its butt. I decline the offer.

July 16:I take my dog to the vet. A dog decides that it doesn't want to get an injection. Runs away. Owner chases. Hilarity ensues.

July 17: I take my dog to the vet. I cry a little. He barks a little . After a week of doing stuff together we've become really close. We promise to write to each other. It rains in the afternoon. Pic below was taken while it was raining. You can't see the rain but it was raining. Buckets.

July 18: Due to unforseen reasons I am unable to fly to Calcutta. Seeing my niece again makes up for it.

July 19: A push - a gangsta style handshake - a tiny goodbye.

July 20: Back in Bangalore. I open up Cleartrip.com ; start planning next trip home.


Peer Gynt said...

Haaahaa :D funny blasphemous bits here and there hehe but my fav i think is the poor fat cat lookin thoroughly pissed with itself...so empathise wif her right now :(

oh & july 19 is outrageously subtle...one can oonly guess ;)

Calliopia said...

You get an O in the Slick Read category. You actually have a dog? Post a pic so we believe you. And which vet did you take the poor mutt to?

Mos-a said...

@PoorGynt: Nothing's blasphemous in there. July 19? Keep guessinng. Not telling

@Calliopa: is that a ZERO or O for outstanding. :D . Oh yes i have a dog. It does not like publicity much

Mimihrahsel said...

How come you didn't mention the book by "Ernest Hemingway" :-D And you reported only day activities. How about nights? *giggle*. Taking a photo during a sermon. very naughty

illusionaire said...

Testing comment follow-up...


illusionaire said...

Very well written. Makes good read. 20 days packed in just a few lines, most of them punch-lines, powerful yet subtle, in a very "MAD comic" humor kinda way. This post I really like (though I don't think it was necessary to hint us every time you're being sarcastic :-P )

diary said...

You should have visited Synod bookroom, and while you were there, you could have made a little detour and visited us.

A very entertaining read, btw.

yamuna said...

I'm sure you did other things other than just visit a doctor, take your dog to the vet etc..
It did start off as a page turner (or scroll..scroll..scroll), but got boring by the end of July 10th.

BTW this was a test comment to email follow up…..

feddabonn said...

i want singing hands too.

illusionaire said...

I'm sure he saw the singing hands only because of the medication. Some people see pink elephants and unicorn galloping under a rainbow. Our man sees singing hands :D

feddabonn said...

lmao. should we have started getting suspicious about the 'medication' when he says the doctor was a 'friend' of his?

aduhi said...

Going home and falling sick - no fun. But sleeping in a warm bed with your mother fussing over you and bringing you food and stuff - real nice.

Mos-a said...

@Mimi H - the Orkut Amos and the Amos who writes this blog are 2 different people. I know that Orkut Amosa. Nice chap. *night activities*? Watchin The Hunt and Sleeping (alone).

@Kima - test okay Charlie.

@Kima - comment followed up. OK all systems go. go go.

@Kima - you don't understand sarcasm thats why i did that especially for you. your blogs are very short. make them longer. (kima goes and makes his blogs longer after reading this..)

@Diary - Yes of course; i was supposed to magically know that you live near Synod Bookroom. INfact i must have just missed the signboard that says "DORIS LIVES HERE!!!"

@Yamuna - yes i know.. thats why the blog is title "a poorly written diary.." :(

@Baruk - i could hardly control myself. when you're in church the funny factor gets multiplied many times over hence this misprint looked even more funnier when inside the chapel.

@Aduhi - yes i like being mothered. Will you be my mother?

diary said...

Deu! bet your parents know

Anonymous said...

Poorly written indeed.. Nice bits of humor here and there, the pissed overweight cat and the dog with a patch and a tattoo!! thats real cruel.. hilariously! :P
"Due to.. I cannot reveal what I did on 9th July." Is it cos' you don't remember any of it? hehe..
Update your blog more often.. Worth every read.

yamuna said...

Are you posting another blog for August as you did not post one for July?

Keep posting blogs more often....i think the topics and the contents you choose are unusual...

After reading the other comments I think I should read this blog again to imagine the hidden facts...i thought cats and dogs looked like cats and dogs...(I'm sure it sounds senseless???)

mkskym_iwalu said...

i like the cat/tiger cub part. Its hillarious...^_^..

Mos-a said...

@Diary - hria pawh nise chutiang tiang ngaihtuah phakin ka awm lo :D . next time okay?

@BlackestRed - I actually don't remember wht I did on July 9th. I jus added that for "dramatic effect" ; Yeah im too lazy (or uninspired) to keep updating. It's more of way to while away the time rather than an earnest desire to write a blog :D

@Yamuna - i promise you the next one will be in Kannada :)

@ mkskym_iwalu - i'm glad you enjoyed it. I enjoyed it. I will also inform the cat that you enjoyed it :) keep visiting!(or reading)


Kym said...

...yes please...i should say its flattering for a cat to being supposed to be a tiger cub...lolol..

yamuna said...

:D:):) thank you....

The Chhamanator said...

hahahah. Ok